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Domastic Money Transfer

  • Domestic Money Transfer Easy To Money Transfer
  • Safety and secure Transfer Any way to Safe and secure.
  • DMT Service Balance enquiry
  • Aadhaar -Based Banking Services
  • Location Village- Tiplai pt3. PO.-Tiplai PS -Rangjuli

Domestic Money Transfer Details

Direct Money Transfer (DMT) is a unique product that can be used to send money instantly to any Bank's account holder within India. The cash to account fund transfers will now be made easy with IPPB DMT services.A large number of people in India, particularly the migrant population, doesn’t have access to formal banking channels for want of proof of identity/address etc. This lead to innumerable hardships faced by them while attempting to remit money back to their family members. This is happening even when various channels for Domestic Money Transfers (DMT) are available viz. IMPS, UPI, NEFT, RTGS etc.

  • Send money instantly
  • Allowing cash to account fund transfer for Non-IPPB Customers/ Remitters.
  • Instant confirmation to remitter via SMS
  • Safe and secure transaction
  • This service is available across all the access points of IPPB (CBS & MATM)
  • Remitters’ identification to be done using Mobile Number
  • Lowest service charge of 1% of transaction value (minimum service charge of Rs. 10), inclusive of GST & Cess (if applicable)
  • Fund transfer
  • Transaction Inquiry
  • Refund, in case of failed attempts
  • Complaint Management
  • Beneficiary Registration (one time, if not done)
  • Beneficiary Registration
  • Remitter Registration
  • Secure

India Post Payments Bank (IPPB) has already made Money Transfer products like IMPS, assisted UPI, NEFT, RTGS available for IPPB customers and interoperable AePS for non-customers. The newly introduced Domestic Money Transfer to facilitate fund transfer (cash to account) facility to walk-in customers (not holding an account with IPPB) will enable millions of unbanked migrant population to meet their family’s financial need by remitting fund to their loved ones on regular basis or during any such special need.

This product design brings seamless remittance experience to the customers backed by technology interface through Postman/ GDS/ Access Points Counters and simultaneously ensures hassle-free & affordable fund transfer service for the migrant population. This cash to Bank A/c remittance service is offered across more than 1.36+ lakhs Access Points (Post Offices) across India